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The United States and local governments collect and dispense unimaginable amounts of money for many reasons and, we believe for the most part, with the best of intentions. Best intentions do not always result in the most efficient and beneficial outcomes for our citizens, especially taxpaying citizens.

During every political campaign, there is much talk about out of control spending, earmarking of tax dollars and pork projects.  Everyone is against these things but the outflow of tax dollars to questionable programs and projects continues unabated.  Earmarking and pork will continue until our elected officials (national and local), local boards and various appointed authorities hear a loud "that's enough" from their constituents that is backed up by actions at the polls on election days.


Waste of tax dollars on unnecessary programs will not be stopped by federal agencies and lawmakers in Washington DC but rather by thousands of citizens at the local level.  We hope this website will help citizens inform themselves about projects and programs that waste federal, state and local tax dollars then communicate their opinions to their elected officials.  Every day we should ask ourselves: If not me, who?  If not here, where?  If not now, when?  Together, we could start eliminating wasted taxes here and now.  

We intend to make this website a location for examination of government-funded programs and projects of doubtful value.  We will provide names, addresses and websites for our elected officials and appointed boards and authorities.  We will update this site as new information is developed.  We welcome your suggestions for improvement and for additional examples of tax waste that should be publicized and stopped.

Keys to Effective Action

  1.  Identify projects early, preferably in the planning phase and certainly before money is committed to the project.  Once enough political support is found to get funding approved for a project, it will take a lot of public pressure or maybe legal action to get the project halted long enough for some sort of review and rejustification or replanning.  Proponents of the project will fight like hell to keep the money flowing once funding is started.

   2.  Overcome public apathy.  Make project information available to the public in any way possible along with names and contact information for elected officials and appointed boards having jurisdiction over the project.  Clearly define reasons that the project lacks value for the public and describe any alternatives that provide the same benefits at less cost.  Attempt to get the local newspaper to do an in-depth article on the project describing the pros, cons, and any alternatives.  Establish and publicize a website that provides information on the issues and defines actions that can be taken to stop or alter the project.  People who read newspapers and use the Internet are the ones most likely to understand the importance of acting to give their opinions to those in power.

   3.  Be relentless.  The American public has a short attention span and needs constant reminders of what is going on outside of their immediate family or circle of friends.  Reasons that the public should care enough to act should be brought to people's attention often.