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Runway Extension Project 

History of The Madison County Executive Airport

 About 1990, the Madison County Commission retained a consultant company to determine if Huntsville Airport North, an existing privately-owned general aviation facility, could be expanded to accommodate the intermediate and long term needs of the general aviation community of the County.  The consultant produced an environmental assessment of the proposed expansion.  An Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file of this report is available at the Madison County Executive Airport Authority website ( from a review of this environmental assessment are here.   The environmental assessment showed only one home south of Meridianville Bottom Road was to be removed.

On March 5, 1993, the County Commissioners of Madison County, Alabama chartered The Madison County Executive Airport Authority (MCEAA), a public corporation under the laws of Alabama, and vested it with purchasing and operating the existing Huntsville Airport North in Meridianville, AL as a general aviation airport in the public's interest.

The FAA, through then Democratic Senator Howell Heflin's office, on August 2, 1993, granted The MCEAA's first appropriation of $2,036,784. These funds were earmarked to purchase the airport and begin purchasing property for a proposed new 6,500-foot runway and relocated Meridianville Bottom Road as shown on the airport's master plan. The airport and surrounding properties were purchased by the MCEAA within 30 days of the grant issuance.  The airport's name was changed to the Madison County Executive Airport.  A 5,000-foot portion of the runway was completed in 2001.  To date, over $12,000,000 in grants and matching funds have been spent on the new runway and other improvements.

In April 2009, U.S. Representative Parker Griffith presented airport officials with a ceremonial $1.14 million check representing an earmark former Representative Cramer put in the 2009 Ominbus Spending Bill.  This earmark plus grants from the FAA and some state/county funds will be used for extending the 5,000-foot runway 6,500 feet.  The estimated total cost for this work is $8,000,000.